About Us

Matsobane Industrial Services (Pty) Ltd

 management team consists of the principal of the company.

MR Matsobane Patrick Nkwana is the managing director. He directly manage the finance, marketing and It department.

MR Pollen Mahwiliri is our operations director.

Teams Responsibility

  • The president is responsible for overseeing the overall operations of the company. He ensures that the Company’s vision is pursued, that goals are set and followed the company’s strategy is followed.
  • Matsobane Industrial Services (Pty) Ltd will provide itself with leadership and team comprising of individuals with rich information, knowledge and more than five (5) years of practical experience in all areas of our business focus.
  • Matsobane Industrial Services (Pty) Ltd has committed and readily available competent panel of facilitators and experts drawn from various fields of business and development environment. These individuals have diverse knowledge and expertise on both core services and core skills required in this field.


  • To establish and achieve a sound reputation in the, cleaning ,construction and security industry, by maintaining excellent services at all times.
  • To meet the contracted Service level agreement with our clients.
  • To become an active player in the economic growth of the country by job creation.
  • To become part of the business network group, that will focus on mentoring black youth into the industry which is predominantly white.
  • The above objectives will be successfully achieved by implementing strong business acumen, in management and administration.


  • Matsobane Industrial Services (Pty) Ltd has been to develop and implement the rendering construction and security services. Our vision is wholly committed to initiating cost recovery and to facilitate skills development, knowledge, and acquisition and foster a sustainable economic empowerment process for the benefit of our clientele, in South Africa.
  • We are driven by economic and empowerment needs of the Small, Medium and Large business enterprises.


  • SERVING OUR CUSTOMERS:  we do everything in our power to ensure that we provide our customers with the products, services and solution to suite their needs provided that everything we do is based on sound business principle.
  • GROWING OUR PEOPLE: We encourage and help our people to develop to their full potential, and measure our leaders on how well they grow and challenge the people they lead.
  • DELIVERING TO OUR SHAREHOLDERS: We understand that we earn the right to exist by providing appropriate longterm return to our shareholders. We try extremely hard to meet our various targets and deliver on our commitments.
  • BEING PROACTIVE: We strive to stay ahead by anticipating rather than reacting, but our actions are always carefully considered.
  • WORKING IN TEAMS: We, and all aspects of our work are interdependent. We appreciate that, as teams, we can achieve much greater things than as individuals. We value teams within and across business units, divisions and countries.
  • GUARDING AGAINST ARROGANCE: We have confidence in our ability to achieve ambitious goals and we celebrate success, but we must never allow ourselves to become arrogant.
  • RESPECTING EACH OTHER: We have the highest regard for the dignity of all people. We respect each other and what Matsobane Industrial Services (Pty) Ltd  stands for. We recognise that there are corresponding obligations associated with our individual rights.
  • UPHOLDING THE HIGHEST LEVEL OF INTEGRITY:  Our entire business model is based on trust and integrity as perceived by our stakeholders, especially our customers.


  • Matsobane Industrial Services (Pty) Ltd shall always be fair and honest in our daily business transaction and activities with others.
  • We are fully committed to be very respectfully and ethical to all our staff, customers, communities, authorities and all concerned, stakeholders.


  • To meet the safety and security challenges in South Africa.
  • To become part of the solution to the problems that the country is faced with, which is the threat to international investors. There is high demand of safe and secure environment in South Africa.


  • To establish efficient and reliable construction and security company in a high demanding industry.
  • To create jobs and accelerate the economic growth.
  • To open doors for the Black Economic Empowerment.


  • To increase profitability by decreasing risk involved.
  • To improve turnover around time.
  • To train security officers, paramedics, fire arm, armed response etc.                                    
  • To grow the business by adding other services all around the major cities of South Africa.

Identification Particulars:

1. Offices:

45 Hyperion Street

 Mashimong Section



2.Telephone:  0712706945

3. Accounting Officer:  Mr Jack Liebenberg from Company Partners

4. Bank:  Standard Bank Kempton park 

5. FAX Number:  08669464

6. Contact Person:           Mr.Matsobane Patrick Nkwana


Email: info@matsobaneindustrialservices.co.za